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B787 "Dreamliner" Toilet Test Stand, for 77000-020, -021, Vacuum Toilet Assembly, Including TB77000-020 AND TA/GWDU (EQUIVALENT) Test Device.

Our Part Number: TP936

This Zodiac Aerospace (aka Monogram Systems) equivalent Vacuum Toilet Test Stand (VTTS), is used for bench testing, troubleshooting, repair and calibration of B787 "Dreamliner" Toilet Assembly , P/N 77000-020,-021, as manufactured by Monogram Systems, as specified in ATA 38-37-10. Available in 115VAC or 220VAC, 50 or 60 Hz configurations.

The VTTS provides operators with full capability for functional testing Monogram B787 Toilet Assemblies. The VTTS uses electrical power, pneumatic air, and supply water to simulate conditions required for bench testing and overhauling toilet assemblies. The VTTS provides the toilet assembly with a regulated DC power source, regulated pressurized water source, and a regulated vacuum source, CAN BUS Interface Test Box, equivalent to OEM P/N TA/GWDU and P/N TB77000-020, and PC software equivalent to OEM P/N 77000-02X, with Instructions for use with CMM Functional Testing section. An electrical harness and a relay-rack mounted "Control Panel' is supplied to provide the necessary electrical connections between the VTTS and the Valve Interface Unit (VIN), of the Toilet Assembly. A water harness is provided for calibrated supply water pressure interface to toilet assembly Rinse Valve for normal operations and also for the 125 psi Rinse Valve "proof-pressure" testing requirements.

Due to its modular design, the VTTS allows for easy and rapid upgrades and/or re-configurations of the electrical control panel assembly, which will allow for future to testing of many other makes and models of commercial vacuum toilet assemblies. No other VTTS on the market today, can do this.

Stainless-steel (aircraft grade) fittings and stainless-steel tubing (aircraft grade) used throughout. All panel meters include back-lighting kit and come with NIST traceable certifications and data sheets. All gages are 1% accuracy, which exceed OEM gauge accuracy specifications, and also come with NIST calibration certificates and data sheets. Mil-spec grade electrical connectors used throughout. Main panel electrical connector is ITT/Canon,high-grade, ZIF (zero insertion force), for years of dependable service life.

End user/customer to supply inlet water source (50-60 psi) to a 1/2" NPT female fitting. Other water inlet fitting sizes available upon request.
End user/customer to supply inlet pneumatic/air source (125 psi) to a 1/2" NPT female fitting. Other pneumatic inlet fitting sizes available upon request.
End user/customer maybe asked to supply a working LRU (77000-02X) toilet assembly) at time of order, to accommodate R&D, final testing and/or final calibrations requirements.

Electrical Panel markings (switches, valve handles, meters, etc) available in multiple languages of your choice for additional fee. Inquire at time of order.

World-wide shipping via DHL Global.
Free LIFE-TIME 24/7 technical support.

Approximate Lead-Time:
120 days ARO (AOG Expedite service available)
Inquire at time of order.

Tester Table
Height: 40.5"
Width: 25"
Length: 72"

Power Requirements:
115VAC @ 50 or 60Hz OR 220VAC @ 50 or 60Hz.


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