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TESTER, EQUIVALENT TO OEM P/N 2020-1, 2020-1-1, 2020-1-2, 2020-1-AV, AND ASI-349-5, ASI-349-50, ASI-349-51. TESTS AVTECH 5141, 5144, 5145 & 5345 SERIES AUDIO CONTROL PANELS, B737/B757/B767

This TP766 is equivalent to the latest OEM P/N 2020-1-AV. This latest version has extra circuitry installed for testing military ACP's using TACAN, IFF and ILS-L, ILS-R, ILS-C. To our knowledge, we are the only manufacturer making this latest version.
This is equivalent to the OEM P/N 2020-1, 2020-1-1 and 2020-1-2. All in one small footprint enclosure.  Our unique design makes this tester NO CALIBRATION REQUIRED. Cable Assembly C766, This one cable is used for all variants of the 5145 Series ACPs. We use only High-quality ITT CANON ZIF connectors. This TP766 has a no-questions-asked, LIFE TIME WARRANTY.

Our Part Number: TP766

This TP766 is equivalent in fit, form and function to OEM P/N 2020-1, 2020-1-1, 2020-1-2 and 2020-1-AV, in fit, form and function.

This Tester is also equivalent to Audio Control Panel Test Set P/N ASI-349-5, P/N ASI-349-50 and ASI-349-51, combined into one Tester, with just one Cable needed.

TP766 is used for bench testing, troubleshooting, repair and calibration of the B737, B757, B767 AVTECH 5141 Series, 5144 Series, 5145 Series and 5345 Series DIGITAL AUDIO CONTROL PANEL (ACP).

This TP766 includes additional circuitry upgrades for testing SELCAL, ACARS and SATCOM mode equipped ACP's (5145-1-42, -45, -66,-69,-74,-77, etc.) TP766 is a combined: OEM P/N 2020-1-AV, 2020-1 MOD A, and 2020-1-1, and 2020-1-2, as specified in ATA 23-50-38, ATA 23-50-61 and ATA 23-50-83, among others. Essentially, this is 4 ACP testers combined into one; stackable; small bench-top foot-print, and only 1 cable assembly needed to test all variants. We are they only manufacturer to combine all four testers into one test panel.

This TP766 has been designed to be "technician-friendly" with easy troubleshooting due to easily replaceable IC's and semiconductors on the printed circuit board. Purchase includes a comprehensive 10 piece semiconductor Spare Parts Kit: includes 1 each of every (removable) IC on the PCB and a spare Circuit Interrupter Relay (K1). That means fast and easy troubleshooting with minimum down-time.

TP766 is an FAA Approved alternative tester to the AVTECH model 2020-1. Includes 1 cable assembly (UUT to Tester) part number C766. This TP766 is 100% "NO CALIBRATION REQUIRED" and comes with a no-questions asked, Life Time Warranty: try getting that from the OEM.

Purchase also includes 1) copy of our manufacturer's "Certificate of Conformance" detailing manufacturing specifications, and 2) proof of FAA Approval, via FAA Form 8110-3

Height: 5.25"
Width: standard 19" rack-mount

Power Requirements:

Inzamam Haq Industrial Development Manager at Air France has this to say about our work and products: "We previously purchased 2 ACP bench test panels for B737 and A320 from your company, we are very satisfied."


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