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mab-cover-tbSanta Fe Aerospace “reincarnated” from Tactical Inc. of Miami Florida: formerly, a world-class FAA//EASA and CASE certified commercial avionic/accessory/instrument repair station, with a “Who’s Who” client base.

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Camtronics, LLC takes delivery of their first Toilet Tester.

Camtronics, LLC takes delivery of its first Commercial Vacuum Toilet Test StandTP796_CloseUp
In photo; Unit Under Test (UUT) is a MONOGRAM Toilet P/N 15800-012

Our Part Number TP796

This TP796 is a universal aircraft Vacuum Toilet Test Stand (VTTS), and is an alternative to OEM P/N 18000-001 (115V), or P/N 18000-003 (220V). It is used for bench testing, troubleshooting, repair and calibration of various B737-600, B747-400, B757-200, B767-300, B777-200, and Airbus A319, A320, A330 and A340-200/-300/-500/-600, Vacuum Toilet Assemblies , including, but not limited to, Toilet assemblies made by Monogram/Zodiac/Evac/AOA and LGG.

This VTTS is now an FAA Approved alternative tester for the Monogram/Zodiac 15800 Series, Boeing aircraft Toilet Assemblies, as referenced in ATA 38-33-20 and ATA 38-33-12. Purchase includes an FAA Approved “Acceptance Test Procedure” (ATP) and FAA Approval Form 8110-3.

This VTTS is also equivalent to ENVIROVAC (EVAC/Zodiac) Vacuum Toilet Test Stand P/N 7900137: 7900137-001: 7950044: 7950044-001 and ENVIROVAC Electrical Test Fixture P/N 7800103, and will functionally test ENVIROVAC (EVAC) Vacuum Toilet Assemblies P/N 7900063, 7900064, 7900065, 7900066, and 7900253-063, 7900253-064, 7900253-065, 7900253-066 Series, and 7900101, 7900102, 7900253-101, 7900253-102 Series, and 790063, as specified in ATA 38-30-15 and ATA 38-30-20 respectively.

The VTTS provides operators with full capability for functional testing Monogram/Zodiac, AOA, LGG and EVAC/Zodiac commercial aircraft vacuum toilets. The VTTS uses 220V AC (50 or 60Hz) electrical power, high pressure pneumatic air, and supply water to simulate conditions required for bench testing and overhauling toilet assemblies per OEM CMM. The VTTS provides the toilet assembly with a regulated 0 – 32VDC power source, regulated pressurized water source, and a regulated internal vacuum source that will provide the necessary 17.5Hg”, or more, to the toilet inlet port. Electrical harness adapter/cable P/N C796_15800, is supplied with purchase, to provide the necessary interface between the VTTS and the toilet assembly (UUT), including access jacks for RS485, MICBAC, Rs232C and CANBus communications.

Water harness assembly,  for interface to toilet assembly Rinse Valve assembly, is included for the Boeing 15800 Series toilets. Our VTTS’s modular design allows for easy and rapid upgrades of control panel assembly to accommodate testing of other makes and models of commercial vacuum toilet assemblies. Customers may purchase additional Harness Adapters separately, as needed, to test specific make and model toilet assemblies. (See items 1 through 6 below for Ordering) The standard Basic TP796 VTTS comes equipped to test the Boeing 15800 Series toilets only.

We have additional Harness Adapter cables available to test the following:

  1. A319/A330, 14330-00X Series Toilets, ATA 38-34-20, ATA 38-34-30…………..Order Harness P/N TP796_14330
  2. A330/A340, J540AlX-300 Series Toilets, ATA 38-32-41………………………………Order Harness P/N TP796_J540AlX-300
  3. A330/A340, J540AlX-500/-520 Toilets, ATA 38-32-42……………………….. …….Order Harness P/N TP796_J540AlX-500
  4. A330/A340-200,-300,-500,-600, TA91XX-00 Toilets, ATA 38-31-61……………Order Harness P/N TP796_TA91XX-00
  5. B737/B757/B767, 15800 Series Toilets, ATA38-33-20, ATA 38-33-12……………Order Harness P/NTP796_15800 (supplied with Basic TP796 purchase)
  6. Harness Adapters for other makes and models possible: evaluated on a “case-by-case” basis.

Stainless-steel (aircraft grade) compression fittings, stainless-steel shutoff valves and 3/8″ stainless-steel ( aircraft grade) tubing used throughout. Supplied with internal 12 US GAL (47L) water holding tank for easy one-hand removal for water draining: tank is semi-transparent for easy water level checking. All electrical panel meters are  2% accuracy and includes N.I.S.T. certifications and data sheets. All pressure gages are 1% accuracy and include N.I.S.T. calibration certificates and data sheets. Mil-spec grade electrical connectors used throughout. Main panel electrical connector (cable C796) is ITT/Cannon, high-grade, ZIF (zero insertion force), for years of dependable service life. This VTTS meets, or exceeds, all OEM CMM published specifications.

End user to supply inlet water source with a pressure of 50-60 psig to connect to a 1/2″ NPT female fitting. Other water inlet fitting sizes available upon request.
End user is to supply air pressure source of a minimum of 130 pisg to connect to a 1/2″ NPT female fitting (for CMM required 125 psi “proof-pressure” testing of Rinse Valve Assembly                                                                                                                                                           End user is to provide a PC computer and any necessary Terminal Emulation software: we can help you with finding sources for the software, if needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Electrical Panel markings (switches, valve handles, meters, etc) available in multiple languages of your choice for additional fee. Inquire at time of order.

Optional “Certificate of Conformance” is available as industry accepted “proof” of equivalency for FAA/EASA inspector review, if needed. Request this at time of order. See example of “Certificate of Conformance” here:

World-wide shipping.

Approximate Lead-Time:

150 days ARO


Tester Table
Height: 40.5″
Width: 25″
Length: 72″
Shipping weight = 600 lbs. (Crated): packed in 2 separate pieces. Minor assembly required. Purchase includes assembly instructions.

Power Requirements:

220VAC @ 50 or 60Hz


ROCKWELL/COLLINS Electronic Flight Instrument Control Test Panel
ROCKWELL/COLLINS B737-300,-400,-500, EFIC-701D, Electronic Flight Instrument Control Test Panel
B737-300, -400, -500, 622-8001-XXX SERIES, EFIC-701D
This Collins (aka Rockwell/Collins) ITS-700 Simulator test panel (CPN 651-5725-001) is used for bench testing, troubleshooting, repair and calibration of the B737-300, -400, -500 COLLINS EFIC-701D, Electronic Flight Instrument Control, P/N 622-8001-XXX Series, as specified in ATA 34-22-66. No specialized Collins ITS-700 (ATE) test equipment nor ATE software required.

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Thank you for the quality service and follow up after the sale.  Our technician is very impressed with this test panel!

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Emil, my friend – thank you for all the help! Enjoy a dinner on me!


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Fokker Aviation in the Netherlands says ‘Thank you!’